Updated 2008/2009 National Pay Award for "Green Book" Employees


In November 2008 we announced that the national employers and trade unions had been unable to reach agreement on the level of the 2008/09 pay award. The Employers’ final offer of 2.45% plus an extra £100 to employees on the three lowest spinal points was rejected by the unions who referred the matter to arbitration. At that time it was agreed by both sides that the Employers’ final offer should be implemented, back dated to 1 April 2008. The Council implemented the change in pay and paid back pay, last November.

The arbitration process has now been completed and it agreed that an increase of 0.3% should be made in addition to the employers’ final offer of 2.45%, plus £100 per annum on lowest three spinal column points.

Owing to the late notification of the new pay scales, the adjustment in pay from this additional 0.3%, back dated to 1 April 2008, will be made in next month’s pay for schools that use the Council’s payroll services.

Copies of the revised pay scales can be found on the School’s HR website at the link shown below.

This announcement applies only to employees whose terms and conditions are covered by the NJC for Local Government Services (also known as the Green Book).

Payscales for employees covered by the NJC for local government services